Individuals vs. Social Beings

"...we are individuals, and we are social beings. Each of these modes of operating can be constructive, or not. The constructive form of each will be elicited and then carried by suitable processes and good facilitation. When the constructive forms are elicited, they tend to complement each other well..."

Bob Dick, 2021c

Individuals Social Beings
Are we individualistic? Are we social beings who value others?
Who likes to excel, ie improve our skills of performance? Do we contribute to cooperative efforts to benefit all?
Who places their own welfare above that of other people? Do I conform to perceived social conventions rather than risk offending others?
Do we have a strong commitment to our own survival? Do we believe our survival also depends on upon our community collaboration?
Do we give praise for excelling, including winning? Are we praised for being considerate of others?

NB Most people conform to the above questions some of the time, ie

"...they are the result of our inheritance of the individual and social impulses that enabled our forebears to survive. They are hardwired into us by evolution......Our socialisation further builds on this hardwiring through instruction and imitation. It may emphasise the individual or the social dimension of behaviour..."

Bob Dick, 2021c

The conundrum of being individuals and social beings has been called 'homo duplex'

We need to combine the best of being an individual, like being innovative, forthright, productive, courageous, etc with those of being a social animal like collaborative, caring, committed, supportive, etc

Processes to do this include setting goals, creating action plans, solving problems, making decisions, resolving conflict, etc. It involves diversity of thinking.


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