Change Management Experts.


General Manager

"...I found the change framework and supporting information provided, together with Bill Synnot’s practical knowledge and willingness to share his experiences of immense value in providing me with the necessary skills and techniques to undertake changes in a dynamic and often challenging operating environment..."

Wayne Tucker


B SocSc (Hons), M Prof Acct., Commercial Accountant

"...This CD has succeeded in aggregating a large amount of ideas and concepts that can't be found elsewhere and is a must for anyone interested in Change Management..."

Jason Tysoe

Sr. Change Management Consultant

"...I was very excited when I saw the CD was for sale in a convention, because I knew it would at least save me time researching for the best possible tools/templates to use. The amount of information, and wealth of knowledge in this CD is tremendously motivating for someone like me who has been doing this work for 13 years. I highly recommend this for both new into the discipline and experienced professionals..."

Nem Fontanilla

The Coca-Cola Company


"...After attending one of Bill Synnot’s public workshops on change management, I have used the services of Bill Synnot & Associates for over a decade. The range of services included facilitating retreats/workshops, training, team development, creative thinking, chairing meetings, executive coaching, general managerial advice, etc. I always found Bill Synnot & Associates to be very professional, able to understand our needs and help us to challenge ourselves in a non-threatening way..."

Michael Dontschuk

Dontschuk & Associates (previously Group Treasurer, ANZ & Managing Director of Treasury Corporation of Victoria)

(ex-CEO, Golding Contractors)

"...During my period as CEO of Golding Contractors we were always searching for new ways in which to improve our business. Continuous improvements are essential to maintain growth patterns. As improvements happen the inevitable changes to systems and management structures occur. I have found Bill Synnot’s views on change management and the processes and guidance provided in his training/consulting and his books delivered us with a new and positive approach to the challenge of change and how to promote change to our staff and to deal with the outcomes. I commend both the training/consulting and the book to you as a valuable tool in promoting and handling change in your organisation..."

Trevor Davies

Executive Advisor

"...I have had the privilege of working closely with Bill Synnot over a long period and found his work to be soundly anchored in academic research, however the real skill of Bill is being able to link theory into practice which really rounds out any individual and provides them with tools to place in their toolbox..."

Tony Murphy

Fire Services Commissioner Office (previously Chief Fire Officer, Melbourne Fire Brigade)


"...Over a decade Boeing Australia called on the services of Bill Synnot and Associates to help in Boeing's change programme. We regularly used their change implementation techniques to successfully encourage staff engagement and empowerment..."

Tony Trew

Tampal Consulting, (previously Vice President & GM Aerospace Support, Boeing Australia)


"...When CEO of Melbourne Fire Brigade, I attended a Synnot change management workshop which I found extremely beneficial. I subsequently used Bill Synnot and Associates to help our organisation undergo extensive cultural and processes changes. I found Bill Synnot and his associates to be highly knowledgeable, experienced in the field of change and skilful in the utilisation of a variety of proven tools and strategies to facilitate change management and get staff buy-in which resulted in accelerated ownership of the change process by middle management..."

Peter Akers

Port Philip & Western Port Catchment Management Authority (previously CEO, Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Service Board, Victoria & CEO, Bayside City Council)

National Marketing Manager

"...We have been working with Bill since 2009 and it is his unique hands-on style that delivers functional outcomes. We are now working to each others strengths and have developed cross functional teams within the business which has improved efficiency and productivity. Bill helps us challenge what we do and how we do it and as a result we have implemented many successful changes..."

Paul White

Nufarm Australia Limited

Permanent Secretary, Ministry for Commerce, Government for the Solomon Islands

"...The Masterclass has enabled/exposed me to a range of tools to apply in my Ministry in our endeavours to fulfill expectations of our climb in the 21st century..."

Banabus Anga


"...Personally motivating to find frameworks that align with project management methodologies used in the ICT environment. Mind opening to have tools that empower us to implement changes of all sorts..."

Mahlon Isimeli


"...I find the program interesting because it is more related to the local economy..."

Pita Mow


"...Excellent program, introducing elements required to handle and manage change..."

Suresh Chand

Ministry of Agriculture, Fiji

"...I am taking back with me a tremendous change management tool that will guide us through the transition..."

Semesa Tabanidalo

Fiji Development Bank

"...I am extremely satisfied with the content and delivery and the excellent insights on our local setting and environment..."

Tevita Madigibuli

GM Strategy & New Venture, Telecom Fiji Ltd.

"...The value of attending the Change Master Class is in learning how to apply these critical tools to real life situations. The exchange of this knowledge by experienced change professionals makes the difference..."

Eugene Singh

Head of Sales & Marketing Solomon Island Telecom

"...We have used the principles and mind mapping for a couple of small projects already. And some of the learning's from the interesting team chat on Solomon Island culture is already influencing my approach to projects..."

Steve Boon

CEO Fintel

"...coming from a purely technical background with limited experience in change management, I found the programme to be very beneficial, especially with the added local flavour presented through the experiences shared..."

Ioane Koroivuki


"...The MasterClass is very relevant considering the global economic meltdown and very practical in terms of the local Fiji business challenges... The experiences of what works and what does not is a great bonus for anyone attending. This is real practical stuff..."

Deve R Toganivalu

Fiji Development Bank


"...Talk about Change Management? This is the one to attend. It is very practical, very timely in consideration of local business challenges against the backdrop of global economic situation. A must attend for CEO's and senior managers who want to continuously take their organisation to the next level..."

Alipate Naiorosui

Housing Authority, Fiji

Senior Consultant: Organisational Learning and Development

"...Change is the single most important element of organisational management today. If you want to be in charge of your future, then a smart step in the right direction is attending Bill Synnot’s workshop on organisational transformation. Bill understands change from both the expert and practitioner’s perspective. He offers all who attend a wealth of ideas, advice and resources. Take my advice and go!..."

Greg Giles

University of SA

Principal Consultant

"...Every manager who is serious about gaining maximum performance from their organisation needs to attend the Bill Synnot workshop. It opened up enormous opportunities I never knew existed. Two days very well spent..."

Gary Delbridge

Mybridge, (previously Managing DirectorG. C. Hahn & Co (Australia) Pty. Ltd.)

Director, Community Care, Sydney Region

"...It's always challenging to take two days out for a training course, two whole days when you could be doing all these other things! However the benefits of attending the organisational transition program were immediate and ongoing. Apart from finding immense value in the practical approach on the day, the ongoing support and professional development that has been provided is exceptional. Anyone who attends the course will see it as a clear investment in the future for their organisation..."

Wendy Gillett

Catholic Healthcare Limited (previously Director Operations, NSW Dept. of Tourism, Sport and Recreation)

Professor (International Management Centre, Buckingham, UK) and Adjunct Professor (Griffith and Southern Cross Universities)

"...I was impressed by your theoretical and practical knowledge on organisational change and transformation, but especially by your experiential knowledge and stories as a CEO. Everyone I talked to had the highest regard for you as the guru in this field..."

Dr Ortrun Zuber-Skerritt

Attendee to presentation at CPA’s Public Sector Symposium

"...very informative insight into human relations aspects and people management..."

Attendee to presentation at CPA’s Public Sector Symposium

"...Excellent speaker, adds balance to technical sessions during day. Good summary of key aspects..."

Attendee to presentation at CPA’s Public Sector Symposium

"...Very topical. Well presented - topic that needs a lot of attention by all..."

Attendee to presentation at CPA’s Not-for-Profit Conference

"...very dynamic presentation and quite thought-provoking.....topics discussed were quite innovative..."

Manager Director

"...Excellent preparation and full marks to a facilitator who handled the workshop in a professional and a mature manner..."

Mr Ian Mathieson

Mathieson Management & Marketing, (previously Manager, Brisbane City Design, Brisbane City Council)

President, NSW division

"...I have attended and participated in several similar workshops, and this facilitator was way ahead of the others...."

Mr Phil Hayward

Institution of Surveyors Australia

General Manager, Capability, Strategy & Finance

"...a good active learning seminar....very effective use of case studies and material (including international) to support the application of the 7 step process outlined in the seminar..."

Mr Frank Vardanega

Main Roads (Qld.) (previously Project Co-ordinator, Change Integration Project, General Manager’s Office, Brisbane City Council)

recently appointed Chairman

"...An excellent interactive experience. Relevant case studies are used to illustrate opportunities for successful change management through the utilisation of a variety of proven tools and strategies discussed during the course of this workshop..."

Peter Akers

Port Philip & Western Port Catchment Management Authority (previously CEO, Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Service Board, Victoria & CEO, Bayside City Council)


"...I can confirm that your work has exceeded my expectations in terms of compliance with the brief......I look forward to working with you again in the future..."

Stephen Cantwell

Stephen Cantwell & Associates (previously Group Executive General Manager, Freight, QR and Corporate General Manager, Strategy & Planning, Queensland Rail)

State Manager

"...As a passionate user of change management processes, attending the workshop provided is a most welcome addition to the armoury of practical weapons I have employed to build my business. We have successfully used the knowledge and techniques gained in the workshop to change behaviour and achieve positive performance outcomes across the business. The workshop fits well with OneSteel's change management processes and is well aligned to support to our business challenges..."

Mark Scholem

OneSteel Piping Systems, Victoria, Australia

Group General Manager, Financial Services

"...An outstanding presenter with immediate application to current work environment. If you only have time for one course during the year, then this is the one to ensure a return on your investment..."

Michael Thomas

PGG Wrightson, (previously Group Manager, Landmark)


"...It was refreshing to hear someone training who had been in the real (business) world and not just a textbook..."

Michael Brodie

CSG Ltd. (previously Managing Director, Xerox Business Centre)

Professor of Management, Associate Dean and Director of the Centre for Executive Education

"...Synnot & Fitzgerald provide a one-stop-shop for all of your change tool needs. The Toolbox for Change is really more like a treasure chest. From personal awareness to organisational culture to creativity and dealing with resistance and teams, the authors provide dozens of important tools for addressing change..."

James Carlopio

Bond University, Australia

PhD (UQ), PhD (Deakin), DLitt (IMCA, UK), Adjunct Professor

"...As the title suggests, this book takes a practical approach to change management, training and development......This comfortable marriage of conceptual/philosophical and practical information distinguishes the 'toolbox' from other practical handbooks and is a real strength of this book. The book is written in clear, concise, jargon-free English. It is logically structured in seven sections around 60 user-friendly tools, making it suitable for a do-it-yourself approach and with widespread application to individuals, groups/teams, organizations and communities..."

Ortrun Zuber-Skerritt

Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia

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