Robots (another example of AI and imperative to innovate)

Compared with humans, the advantages of robots are

"...will never call in sick, will never complain, never request a holiday and always show up on time to work..."

Ehab Shouly as quoted by Margi Murphy 2019

Robots are expected to be faster and more efficient.

It is estimated that around 80% of tasks carried out by waiters and waitresses can be automated

"....when food preparation is added in......87% of the roles carried out by fast food workers can be done by machines..."

Centre for an Urban Future as quoted by Margi Murphy 2019

" service workers are among the most at risk of losing jobs to robots......36 million Americans hold jobs with high exposure to automation - meaning 70% of their tasks could be replaced by machines using existing technologies. Cooks, waiters and other food service staff were named alongside short haul truck drivers and clerical office workers..."

Brookings Institute as quoted by Margi Murphy 2019

In combination with facial recognition technology, AI is being used to predict what customers' preferences using factors like purchase history, age, mood, time of day, weather, etc..

Social attitudes to food are changing

"...People are trending towards the idea that food is no longer just a necessity that we need to survive, but part of caring for ourselves......people in the West are increasingly concerned about the origins of their food and the ways it has been processed..."

Annie Cheng as quoted by Margi Murphy 2019


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