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Management does not realise that empowerment means that they have to change their own management behaviour. Bosses often feel threatened by a "loss of control"as a "teams and empowerment"approach gathers momentum. They need to be convinced that they will reap the benefits of the team's good performance, or they need to be convinced to move on

. Cannot maximise connectedness unless a high level of respect for management by staff. People know if leadership is competent and it will have a direct impact on their motivation and enthusiasm. It is alleged that the short-term financial pressures on managers can result in their forgetting the people who work for them!!!!!

(source: James Hall, 2004b)

. Sometimes there are 2 concerns expressed by management:

- diffusion of accountability ‐ now the team is accountable and not management

- delays in decision-making ‐ because of the need to create a consensus

. Insufficient allocation of resources and training (including information) in how to handle empowerment

. Senior management pays lip service only

. Only asking for loyalty rather than commitment


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