This mobile application is especially designed to find the answers to your change management challenges - in a quick and user-friendly way.

It is suitable for all levels of management.

It is based on 40+ years of experience with 700+ world-wide organisations as a change practitioner, ie change agent, senior manager, consultant, researcher, lecturer, presenter & trainer

It has 2,500+ pages of information and 1,500+ references.

In addition to the detailed explanations on 70+ change management frameworks, 7 essential ingredients for an organisational change and how to use 230+ change implementation tools, there is background information that explores all aspects of change management, like:


drivers of change


motivation and persuasion

evolutionary psychology

natural human instincts

social media

impacts of technological changes (digitisation, internet, etc)

common management errors

life-cycle approach

why organisational change efforts often fail

limitations of using imported change frameworks



customer management

links with project management

importance of people skills

teams, succession planning

leadership vs management

time management

cognitive bias

ethnic/gender understanding


It will be continually upgraded as new knowledge becomes available.


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