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Organisational Change Management 60+ Frameworks and 250+ Techniques:

A leading-edge resource for change management.

Selected and reviewed by Bill Synnot
recognised as a leading specialist in organisational change
With Odile HBH Williams

This essential CD brings together 60+ change management frameworks and 250+ techniques from the most respected professionals in the Change Management Field into one powerful electronic resource.

Continually updated, expanded and refined over the last 10+ years, this resource provides a one-stop shop for strategies, techniques, research and thoughts that will assist you in generating positive outcomes for all your endeavours.

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With powerful searching capabilities and easy-to-use bookmarks, you will be able quickly find the leading-edge change concepts and ideas that are important to you.

Organisational Change Management – Frameworks and Techniques:

A Readily-accessible resource for anyone willing to address the issue of change in the workplace. The content is proven relevant to large and small enterprises, and is applicable to the private, co-operative, public and not-for-profit sectors, from the local situation to the global context.

User-friendly library of solutions for all the challenges around Change Management (Communications, Performance, Motivation, Team Work, Leadership, Customer Relations, Creativity, etc.)

Cutting-edge Practices written in a clear, concise and jargon-free manner.

Quickly find relevant tools that have been selected and reviewed by Leading Change Specialists.

Designed for Leaders and Managers, Change Practitioners, Consultants, HR/OD/LD professionals and Business Owners who want breadth of content and ease of use, there has never been an electronic Change Collection like this one!

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"...I was very excited when I saw the CD was for sale in a convention, because I knew it would at least save me time researching for the best possible tools/templates to use. The amount of information, and wealth of knowledge in this CD is tremendously motivating for someone like me who has been doing this work for 13 years. I highly recommend this for both new into the discipline and experienced professionals..." Nem Fontanilla, Sr. Change Management Consultant, The Coca - Cola Company

"...This CD has succeeded in aggregating a large amount of ideas and concepts that can't be found elsewhere and is a must for anyone interested in Change Management..." Jason Tysoe, B SocSc (Hons), M Prof Acct., Commercial Accountant

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