Iv) Defining Markets By Attribute-Based Or Customer-Based Demographics Or Organisational Boundaries

- this is best illustrated by the hiring of market researchers to quantify the size of opportunities rather than to understand the customer's desire to perform a job or to achieve a certain outcome. This promotes a headlong, rush to undifferentiated, one-size-fits-all products/services, like the Swiss Army knife, that has a proliferation of features and functions, etc but performs specific jobs poorly, ie a good knife, terrible scissors, an OK bottle opener and "next to useless" screwdriver. Need to change to circumstance-based analysis, ie job-to-be-done. An example is the handheld wireless device: the job-to-be-done or outcome that customers are seeking is the more productive use of small bits of time, ie make-me-productive-in-small segments-of-time.


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