Remember: all industries/organisations are facing change in one form or another

This change threatens the core activities (recurring activities that you perform to attract and retain stakeholders) and core assets (the resources including intangibles that support core activities). For example

if both core assets and core activities are under threat, then everything is "up for grabs" (examples of industries include landline telephone, courier, travel agencies, etc)

if core activities are under threat but core assets are not, stakeholder relationships are under threat (examples of industries include automobile dealerships, investment brokers, auction houses)

if core activities are not under threat but core assets are, industry is constantly re-developing assets and resources (such industries include motion picture, sports team, investment banking, etc)

if neither core assets nor core activities is under threat, then change is based upon incremental testing and adaptation to feedback (eg industry examples include online auctions, commercial airlines, long-haul trucking)


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