Introduction - Management Practices

There is a need to separate facts from fads and fiction. A 5-year study of 160 organisations was conducted and asked 2 basic questions:

i) Why do some organisations consistently outperform their competitors?

ii) Which of the many well-known business tools and techniques (around 200) can help an organisation to be great?

The results of the study stressed the need for a strong grasp of the 4 business basics, ie strategy, execution, culture and structure. These basics need to be supplemented by at least 2 of the following, talent, innovation, leadership and mergers/partnerships. Furthermore, these 8 essential management practices are more important than management tools and techniques used, such as CRM, centralisation/decentralisation, outsourcing, etc

Any organisation that follows the 4 + 2 formula was found to have a 90% chance of sustaining superior performance

Besides identifying the management practices that can significantly impact on an organisation's performance, a list of behaviours was developed that support excellence in each practice. These practices and accompanying mandates are outlined below.


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