Mental Toughness

More than technical skills are needed to overcome obstacles, maintain motivation and consistently deliver high performance. Mental toughness is required and involves self belief, clear thinking and resilience (especially emotional). These elements allow an individual to maintain focus and reject distractions and doubts

There is a 4 step technique to develop and maintain mental toughness

"...- discovery (think about situations when you thrive - not just cope - under stress. What is already working that you need to do more of?

- dream (imagine if you could always feel that way. What habits would have changed?)

- design (how will you act differently to make the above work?)

- destiny (execute the plan)..."

Tony Adcock as quoted by Rose-anne Manns, 2007b

Mental toughness is a gross mindset, ie

"...facing each new challenge as an opportunity to develop skills, appreciating that it will take time, and not getting frustrated. This contrasts with the alternative attitude: I've failed therefore I am a failure; or, I won't even try because I don't have the skills in the first place..."

Rose-anne Manna, 2007b

Linked with organisational resilience is emotional resilience of senior executives, ie

"...the notion of bouncing when things get tough - I think that is one of the issues with CEOs, that they don't suffer too much the highs and lows of the emotion of the job. So when things are really good they don't become complacent and when things are really bad they don't become despondent..."

Cathy Walters as quoted by Catherine Fox et al, 2007

Senior management needs to take a long-term view and not be unduly concerned about the peaks and troughs

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