Resilience Model for Individuals

organisational development change management

(source: Sven Hansen, 2006)

Linked with the above model  is the 7 "C's" framework (Kenneth Ginsburg in Sue Bagshaw, 2011) to help people deal with stress and risk, ie 

competence (to develop skills, expertise, etc to handle challenges) 

confidence (feeling able to handle challenges, ie think differently; recover from mishaps quickly, ie treat them as learning experiences) 

connection (contacts that provide positive reinforcement in a safe environment so that people feel secure to to meet challenges) 

character (understand what is right and wrong; a commitment to integrity) 

contribution (help with the well-being of others, especially those less fortunate; a giving rather than taking attitude) 

coping (possess a variety of healthy coping strategies; focus on the long term rather than quick fixes) 

control (understanding privileges and respect are earned through demonstrated responsibility will help people make wise choices) 

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