Xiii) Fundraising (crowd fundraising websites)

- using social media to raise money for a variety of purposes like Kickstarter (geared toward funding creative projects and entrepreneurs); GoFundMe and Crowdrise (let individuals pursue personal fundraising), ScholarMatch (aims to match donors with low income and first-generation college students and verifies their eligibility), etc

"...You create a profile, including a photo and an explanation of what you're seeking money for, and then spread the word on networks like Facebook and Twitter..."

Ann Carrns, 2014

"...GoFundMe says it has raised $420 m. across all categories since 2010; education second-most-popular category, after medical treatment......the site users can change their goal whenever they want, and don't have to set a deadline for reaching. Unlike Kickstarter, which requires its users to meet a goal to get the money, GoFundMe and Crowdrise allow individuals to keep the donation whether or not the goal is met..."

Ann Carrns, 2014

- crowdrise has added an option for individuals, rather than just recognise charities, to raise funds and its educational category is growing

- GoFundMe's most successful campaign raised more than $1 m. for a child with a rare genetic disease.

- at this stage independent verification of claims made in profiles is not done

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