I) Adidas

has 40,000 staff and use social media for talent acquisition or recruitment. They used software (TalentSeekr) to scan social media sites for key words to help identify people it wants to hire. Then placed ads on web sites frequented by these people and directs them to Adidas's web site which has video presentations designed to appeal to them, such as sport & athletes. Of the social media sites they focused on Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogs & Twitter (aiming for 30,000 followers). The advantages were

- recruitment time reduced from months to days

- recruitment costs reduced from $1,000s to couple of $100s

- attracting better quality people, ie top of field & not necessarily looking for a new job

- don't need recruitment firms &/or use traditional advertising

Adidas claimed that one campaign costing $US 500 generated 11 top people from 450,000 who saw ads; 2 were hired


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