Some Examples Of The Use Of Social Media

In this section consideration will be given to the following examples:

I) Adidas

Ii) Fiji

Iii) Social Advertising Business (Social Loot)

Iv) Crisis Management

V) Citizen Journalism

Vi) Telstra

Vii) Optus

Viii) Australian Banks (Nab & Cba)

Ix) Financial Planning

X) Transactional Payments

Xi) Peer-To-Peer Financing, Er Transferwise

Xii) Virtual Currency, Eg Bitcoins

Xiii) Fundraising (Crowd Fundraising Websites)

Xiv) Payment Revolution

Xv) Aristocrat

Xvi) Hard Rock Cafe

Xvii) Personal Contacts

Xviii) Seven Tv Network (Australia)

Xix) On-Line Behavioural Targeting

Xx) Change Tracking

Xxi) Art E-Fairs

Xxii) Online Support Groups

Xxiii) Bond

Xxiv) "Tweet & Share"

Xxv) Social Tv

Xxvi) Eastmon Group (Australia)

Xxvii) Dominos (Australia)

Xxviii) Wesfarmers

Xxix) Woolworths

Xxx) Myers

Xxxi) Movenbank

Xxxii) Peer Review

Xxxiii) Photography

Xxxiv) Real Estate

Xxxv) Luxury Goods Use Of Social Media

Xxxvi) Politics

Xxxvii) China

Xxxviii) India

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