Storytelling has boomed

via the Internet and social media networks (like Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogs, Twitter, Elsy, etc) because of the pervasive, affordable and instant qualities ot this new media.

The below chart explains the relationships between the 2 Australian million Twitter users. The green dots show the hubs like PM Julia Gillard and the yellow dots show the strength of their following on subject matters like news, politics, sport, investment, music, etc. For example, the hardline conservatives (left side of the map) have few connections with food, wine & beers (far top right side of the map). This does not mean that they are not interested in food, wine & beers but means that they are not formally linked on Twitter.

Map of Twittersphere (Australia)

organisational development change management

(source: Patrick Durkin, 2012)


Social Media - Finding the Right Presence

Personal and Private - Family and Friends


I want to keep in touch with you


Brand: Show commitment to your relationship.

Engage: Strengthen your ties.

Lean: Keep abreast of changes in your social network.

Sample Social Media Tools


Professional and Private - Work Colleagues


I am a team player, and I want to collaborate with you


Brand: Enhance your image at work.

Engage: Collaborate; boost productivity and effectiveness.

Lean: Leverage your colleagues; input.

Sample Social Media Tools

Yammer and other corporate platforms

Personal and Public - Society


I am passionate about ideas and want to share them with you


Brand: Become known for your ideas.

Engage: Find new outlets for your passion.

Lean: Leverage others' ideas and viewpoints.

Sample Social Media Tools

Blogs, YouTube, Twitter

Professional and Public - Professional Peers


I am competent and growing professionally


Brand: Build peer recognition.

Engage: Find new opportunities; show commitment

Lean: Boost industry knowledge; develop yourself

(Source: Soumitra Dutta, 2010)

Sample Social Media Tools

LinkedIn, Twitter, and sector-specific communities


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