Ix) Twitter (Started In 2006)

. Twitter is an early warning system/leading indicator/real time engagement, ie

"...As a public, real time, conversational and distributed platform, Twitter is becoming an essential service to customers, businesses, media companies and advertising, Twitter is where events, information, ideas and fads get reported, purported, distributed and exploited..."

Mark Mahaney as quoted by Paul Smith et al, 2013

. Has 215m.+ monthly users (including 34% of Americans)

. 75% of users access it on mobile devices

. Musicians are 8 of the 10 "most followed" & 50% of the top 100, eg

i) Justin Bieber (44m)

ii) Katy Perry (42m)

iii) Lady Gaga (40m)

iv) Beyonce released new album with 1.2 m "hits" (Dec. 2013)

. Generating 500m.+ tweets per day

. Important in Arab Spring movement

. Used to measure popularity of TV shows, ie instant feedback

. Growing at 200 % per year with revenue hitting US$ 317m (2012)

. Soon after listing on US stock exchange, its market capitalisation peaked at US$ 40b (Dec. 2013)

How to engage an audience on Twitter

- use your voice (let people know what's going on)

- humanise (people want to know your human side, ie share something that you are comfortable with)

- add to someone else's tweet (re-tweet and ideally add your point of view)

- say thank you

. Twitter users

i) US President Barack Obama - 36m followers

ii) Oprah Winfrey (entertainer) - 26.5m followers

iii) US President Donald Trump - 30m followers

iv) Vatican (Pope Francis - 17m followers)

v) Rupert Murdoch (News) - 0.3m+ followers

vi) Jack Welch (ex-CEO GE) - 1.3m+ followers

vii) Warren Buffett (investment guru) - 0.1m followers within 2 hours of opening his account

viii) Reserve Banks (US & Australia)



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