Viii) Linkedin (Started In May 2003)

Mission - to connect the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful

Goal - to connect the world's 600 million knowledge workers with each other and create economic opportunities for the rest of the world's 3.3 billion workers

. By October 2004 it had 1 m members; this has increased to 160+ m. members

This has increased to 430+ m. members (2017)

. It involves "re-networking"; with just-in-time professional connectivity and has been described as a glorified recruitment, resume-distribution service for professionals; with lucrative products/services.

. It is an enterprise software company that offers large employers a third-party HR and recruitment service, complemented by advertising and marketing. It allowed jobseekers to apply on LinkedIn, cutting out the traditional recruiters

. Since 2005 its premium service offers hiring posts, recommendations, business directories and paid messages to members outside one's usual network. More recently it is providing "influencer posts" for around 190 people who include the likes of Richard Branson (Virgin Group), Mohamed El-Erian (Pimco's CEO), CNBC host (Becky Quick), etc. Its next step is 'sponsored posts' where ads are tailored to individual's LinkedIn profile, job history, interests, recommendations and so on

. Compared with Facebook and Twitter, it is much more reliable in "monetising" the Web

LinkedIn is considerably better than Twitter and Facebook for led generation re B2B (Business to Business), ie 80% of B2B led generations while Facebook has only around 7% (see graph below)


(source: Julie Mason, 2017)

. Its shares have increased 5-fold since 2011 to more than US$ 250; valuing this values the company at around US$ 29 billion. This is more than 1,000 times 2012's reported earnings


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