Iv) Worldwide Statistics (late 2015)

- around 50% of people read e-mails on a smart phone immediately when they wake up

- around 80% of online world users access the Internet via their smart phone rather than a computer

- Facebook has 1.55 b. active users; 1.05 b. daily users; 894 m. mobile active users (late 2015). It is the most visited place on the Internet

- Twitter has 1 b.  users; with 500 m. following, not tweeting; every major traditional media outlet has a Twitter presence

- LinkedIn has 400 m. business users and 6 m. business listings; it has 130+ different industry uses and is in 200+ countries; 61+ % used it as their primary professional network; 49% are key decision-makers

- Youtube attracts 4 b. views a day; the world's second most popular search engine with up to 1b. viewers daily

- Facebook's Instagram and Pinterest has an audience of 400 m.; Instagram was launched in October 2010 with users uploading 16 b.  photos so far.

Social media produces double the combined leads generated from trade shows, telemarketing, daily mail and pay per click (Price Coopers et al, 2015)

- Google+ 300 m. regular users join in the first two years

- research has shown that social media produces double the leads of trade shows, telemarketing, daily mail & PPC combined

Initially there was Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. Then
- in 2013 saw the emergence of Instagram, Google + and Pinterest (they have a combined audience 1+ b affluent consumers)

- in 2015 the video driven like Snapchat, Periscope & Meerkat.

NB All these are relegating traditional forms of advertising (including Google ad words) to the rubbish bin.


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