. Nature has spent millions of years developing and evolving solutions to many problems that can help us. Some examples include
i) by studying how the huskie sledge dogs use their paws (with their many blood capillaries) to lose excess heat has resulted in developing a machine that uses a vacuum to force our blood capillaries closer to the surface of our fingers and then applies cold air to cool the capillaries. This speeds up the process of removing excess heat from our body. Remember: too much heat negatively impacts on our cognitive thinking, memory and co-ordination.
ii) by studying how an arthropod exo-skeleton can be used to increase human strength. This has resulted in the development of artificial limbs that help disabled people to walk again
iii) imitating the way cuttlefish can change colour, design, patterns, etc seem invisible has been adapted to the design of military tanks to help hid them from the human eye
iv) by borrowing the design of the different eye lens used by Kingfisher birds when catching fish, has helped us see things like animals in the sea, that we would not


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