"...corporations are first and foremost social organisations, and the processes by which they do their business are social processes..."

Barbara Kellerman, 2002


"...we could have the greatest strategies in the world. Without the right leaders developing and owning them, we'd get good-looking presentations and so-so results..."

Jack Welch as quoted by Jack Welch et al, 2001

"...lasting excellence in corporations seems to stem less from decisions about strategy than decisions about what is the key thing you can do to prepare for......uncertainty" You can have the right people with you.......What we found in companies that make the good decisions is the debate is real.......Before making a decision, you would see significant debate..."

Work means more than money, as it fills such an important and central place in people's lives and determining our sense of self, ie confers status and defines success, so staff need to understand more than financial statements and/or the technical/operational aspects of their organisations. They need to be able to communicate, ie express their thoughts so that others understand their thinking, close the deal, build relationships, network, work as a team, collaborate, etc.. These are sometimes called the soft skills. There is increasing acknowledgment of the fundamental role of human resource and people issues (management and development) including leadership, empowerment, team work, cross-functional collaboration and people development issues.


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