I) Introduction - Internet

"...the most successful companies on the planet are based around the internet..."

Gary Hamel as quoted by Catherine Fox, 2007

"...Businesses taking full advantage of the Internet are twice as likely to be growing......productivity in on-line business is far higher, with an average of twice the revenue per employee of those who aren't online..."
Maile Carnegie as quoted by Paul Smith, 2014a

Extraordinary potential market in developing economies in Asia, Africa, Pacific, etc once these economies are connected to the Internet.

Internet with mobile phones is improving communications. If people in physically isolated communities have mobile (smart) phones with Internet and electricity connections, they are able to use social media and have access to people, information, etc as if they are living in urban communities.
The price of smart phones is falling, eg in the Solomon islands, the price had fallen by 6 times to around SI$1,000 in 12 months (2015)

The Internet is democratizing innovation, ie there is online sharing of information, technology and feedback between all stakeholders, rather than intellectual property protection. Some examples include

"...Proctor and Gamble's movement from internal R&D labs to sourcing 50 percent of the new product innovations from 'connect and develop' collaborations with a host of technologists and product developers worldwide. Or GE Healthcare's sharing, critiquing and working up for new generation technologies with an advisory board of luminaries from the medical and research communities. Or Dairy Australia announcing an 'open innovation' research center for disparate specialist research institutes and the major dairy companies in a deliberate effort to speed up innovation results and efficiencies..."

Australian Business Foundation, 2007

These are very different ways of doing business in these different sectors which are disrupting the traditional approach.


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