Having innovative staff can give you the competitive edge.  Thus the need to create internal entrepreneurs, ie intrapreneurs
Identify and nurture intrapreneurism by having staff who 
i)  understand strategic objectives and take full responsibility for delivering them
ii)  are not confined to yesterday's or status quo thinking, ie think beyond the mindset of what was achieved yesterday and/or "this is how we do it here"
iii) approach the future with blank-canvas thinking and/or "think outside the box" (see section on creativity) which enables them to develop creative solutions to challenges and opportunities
iv) lead by example, ie "walk the talk"
v) are flexible, eg willing to start again if something isn't working
vi) uphold and embody the values of an organisation in a way that inspires and holds others accountable (Jack Delosa, 2016)

(sources: Tony Featherstone, 2015; Lucinda Schmidt, 2015)


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