Create and Keep The Customer

Organisations are only in business as long as the customer allows them to be, ie

"no customers, no sales, no profit, no jobs, no dividends, no wages"

Bill Synnot, 1996

"...I would say you can never go too far wrong by thinking like a customer who's new to the business..."

Richard Branson, 2008

"...if you look at business history, the winners are almost always those who get their user experience right..."

Jim Hackett as quoted by Jeremy Useem 2019

It is important to create and deliver what your customers want, when and how they want it. Furthermore, you have to do more than listen to your customer; you have to lead them.

Need to reverse the pyramid, which normally has the CEO at the top, having the customer at the top

The aim is to make a customer a permanent or life-time client. Furthermore,

"...There is only one valid definition of business purpose: to create (and keep) a customer..."

Peter Drucker as quoted by Robert Heller, 2000

" pick what you are good at and focus on pick what your customers want, not what your entrenched business model may require you to do..."

Marc Randolf as quoted by Nicole Sterling 2019

"... I don't want to just offer customers what they want, I want to offer them things they don't even know they want yet..."

Eric Berchtold as quoted by Lauren Sams 2019a


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