Technique 1.76 Self-Awareness

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Questions to promote self-understanding

1.  What are you good at?
2.  What do you enjoy doing and why?
3.  What are you not good at and/or don't enjoy and why?
4.  What would you definitely not want to do and why?
4.  Which of your past accomplishments did you enjoy the most and why?
5.  What have you learnt about yourself and your purpose from things that did not go well?
     What lessons have you learnt from these past events/issues?
     Did you put these learnings into practice and how do they work?
6.  Who are the people you get on well with and why?
     What insights/suggestions do they have for you?
     Are you spending enough time with these people?
7.  Who are the people that you admire the most and why?
     What can you learn from these people?
8.  Who do you think has misdirected their talents and why?
What can you learn from these people?
9.  If money was not an issue and failure impossible, what would you like to do and why?
10. If you could write your own obituary, what would you like to say about yourself and what you have achieved?  
11. Is there an age/birthday/event, etc that is significant to you in the future and why?
12. What are your goals are the next 3, 5 & 10 years (be prepared to break them into manageable monthly, quarterly, etc milestones)?

- Have at least 3 simple actionable items you can achieve on a weekly basis that will help you achieve your long-term goals
- The importance of asking "why" a few times as a way of digging deeper into a challenge, opportunity, etc. For example, the answer to the first why might be "I am too busy"; next why, "I need to prioritise"; next why, "it is somebody else's responsibility"; next why, "I don't like that person so I will not help them"; etc
(sources: Randal Dennings, 2016; Vision Christian Media, 2016)

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