Technique 2.81 Decision-making in Large Organisations

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Timely decision-making is important.

Some important questions for management, especially in large organisations that are usually slow-moving in decision-making
- What is important here?
- What should you be spending my time on?
- Whats the key decision that needs to be made and who is best to make it/them?
- When is the best time to make the decision(s)?
- Where are the places, where you might intervene to make a substantial difference?
- Do you have good people in the critical areas who can made good decision(s) alone?

NB One of the biggest challenges facing a leader is how to invest in his/her time. Decision-making involves assessing and analysing all the information available, then making a decision based on this. If there is new information or new circumstances which warrant reconsideration, you revisit your decision

(source: Tony Boyd, 2015a)


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