Change Implementation Techniques for Forming Transitional Team, Creating Alignment, Maximizing Connectedness and Creativity

Technique 7.12 Is Your Job a Good Fit?

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Your answers to the following questions will help determine if you are in a job that combines

- what you like to do

- what you do best

- what adds value to the organisation


Q1. What are you best at doing?

(Many people spend years trying to get good at what they are not interested in doing. Rather than capitalising on what they are good at)

Q2. What do you like to do most?

(Need to focus on what you like to do so that it is productive and useful)

Q3. What do you wish you were better at?

(Your answer may indicate the need for some training, executive coaching and/or delegation of tasks)

Q4. What talents do you have that you haven't developed or used effectively?

(Your answer may indicate a new direction)

Q5. Which of your skills are you most proud of?

(Your answer may indicate challenges that you have successfully handled)

Q6. What do others most often say are your greatest strengths?

(Your answer could help you identify skills that you undervalue)

Q7. What have you got better at?

(Your answer may indicate where putting in extra effort can pay off)

Q8. What can you not get better at, no matter how hard you try?

(Your answer will indicate where not to waste any more time)

Q9. What do you most dislike doing?

(Your answer will suggest which task you want to delegate/outsource, etc)

Q10. Which skills do you need to develop in order to perform better in your job?

(Your answer may indicate the need for some training, executive coaching and/or delegation of tasks)

Q11. What sort of people do you work the best/worst with, eg highly organised, analytical types, or creative types, etc?

Q12. What sort of organisational culture brings out the best in you?

(Many people stay with cultures that they do not fit into)

Q13. What were you doing when you were happiest in your work-life?

(Can you find a way of doing the same now?)

Q14. What are your most cherished hopes for your future work-life?

(You need to identify the obstacles that have kept you from realising these hopes)

Q15. How could your time be better used in your current job to add value to the organisation?

(Your answer should be checked with your manager as there may be several / other areas where you can add value)

(source: Edward Hallowell, 2011)

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