Change Implementation Techniques for Forming Transitional Team, Creating Alignment, Maximizing Connectedness and Creativity

Technique 7.8 Test Your Organisation Against These Principles

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Your answers to the questions below will provide a good guide as to where you are in your change process and help identify

What is working well;

The things you might need to do differently;

Elements not being addressed.

i) Can you express the essence of your business strategy in a sentence? (Think of it as a bumper sticker). Is your view shared and underscored by all staff?

ii) If your business strategy needs to be supported by change in your business, is it clearly connected to your change strategy in ways that all staff can understand?

iii) Does your change process involve people in a way that helps them learn and change in the direction that you want? Is this level of involvement helping to build a "critical mass" of change in your organisation?

iv) Does your team demonstrate understanding of your business performance and the issues affecting it? Can they discuss these issues openly and honestly?

v) What kinds of change models do you use to help explain what you are trying to do? Do people show that they understand them and use them with their own teams?

vi) How are you managing the process of transition from your old ways of doing things to new ways?

vii) What are the elements of leadership that are important to achieving your organisation's vision?

viii) How do your standards, measures and decision-making processes help people to focus on achieving, simultaneously, desired business results and the development of the appropriate behaviours?

(source: Harvard Management Update, 1996 ‐ 1999)


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