Technique 6.10 Idea Killers - Judgmental Comments

If you hear statements like these listed below, the effectiveness of brainstorming is reduced. Tick which ones you hear most frequently or recently.



Don't be ridiculous!

Management wouldn't go for it!

It costs too much!

Customers wouldn't go for it!

That's outside our area!

The union wouldn't go for it!

We don't have time!

Upstairs or head office wouldn't go for it!

It's not our problem!

That's their problem, not ours!

Senior management won't agree to that!

Let's get back to reality!

You're ahead of your time!

That's not practical!

It's not in the budget!

That's not included in our responsibility.

Has someone else tried it?

Pull the other one ‐ it laughs!

It's too hard to sell!

You should have passed on that one!

Let's form a committee!

Are you serious?

That will make other things out of date!

I've never done it before!

You can't teach old dogs new tricks!

Why change it?...It's working!

Let's shelve it for the time being!

It can't be done that way.

That needs more market research!

Everyone will laugh at us!

It's a good idea in principle, but...

We did all right without it!

We've tried it before!

We have never done things that way.

It can't be done!

Yes, but..

It's too big a change!

It's impossible!

We're too small!

Don't be silly!

Nobody is going to pull the wool over my eyes!

It won't work here!

Has it been done somewhere else?


If it's that good, why hasn't someone thought of it before?


It's a great idea but we are not ready for it.


(sources: Neville Smith et al, 1990; Pervaiz Ahmed, 1998)


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