Technique 6.9 Some Questions to Help Identify if Your Idea is Going to Make it

Some questions

1) How can you tell if your idea is going to be innovative, and can be converted into a product/service that is acceptable to the marketplace (current and future)?

2) Which competitive situations favour the traditional players and which favour new entrants?

3) Which customer segments are ready to embrace new products/services?

4) Which activities of your new products/services should be outsourced or kept in-house?

5) What type of organisational structure would suit the new products/services?

6) What sources of funds would be best to develop the new products/services?

7) How would you choose the most appropriate management and staff to develop the new products/services?

8) How can you position yourself so that future profits keep coming?

(source: Clayton Christensen et al, 2003)


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