Change Implementation Techniques for Forming Transitional Team, Creating Alignment, Maximizing Connectedness and Creativity

Technique 5.9 New Assumptions

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Answering the following questions about staff and management will give a good idea about how connected people are in the organisation







1. Staff


a. Are they willing to take responsibility for their work and want to do a good job?


b. Do they care about their work beyond the money they receive to perform it?


c. Do they consider the "big picture" issues?


d. Are they capable of establishing their own structures in order to maintain focus?


e. Do they want to contribute freely?


f. Are they willing to take responsibility for their mistakes?


g. Are they fully capable of understanding budgetary and political realities?


h. Do they look beyond entitlements and rights?


i. Are they intrinsically honest and trustworthy?


2. Management


a. Are they sensitive to personal issues and the interests of staff?


b. Do they enjoy open, participative, problem solving?


c. Do they want the work load to be fair and reasonable?


d. Do they work to find solutions that are both technically and politically sound?


e. Do they pride themselves on working fairly an objectively?


f. Do they encourage input into management decision-making?


g. Are they willing to put the success of the organisation, welfare of employees and service to customers before private interests?


h. Do they do not think that they are better than their staff?


i. Are they are honest and ethical


j. Do they consider the blame game or retaliation a serious sign a weakness?


k. Do consider the practice of CYA (cover your arse) as poor management practice?


The greater the number of "Yes/Always" responses indicates that the staff and management are better connected.

(source: David Pitonyak, 2007)


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