Change Implementation Techniques for Forming Transitional Team, Creating Alignment, Maximizing Connectedness and Creativity

Technique 5.8 Readiness for Performance Appraisal

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Some questions to help clarify the process and maximize benefits from performance appraisal






1. Do you clearly understand the purpose and process of appraisal?


2. Do you know the terms of reference of the appraisal?


3. Do you understand that the appraisal comprises 2 sections ‐ reviewing your past performance and agreeing on future goals and objectives?


4. Do you prepare thoroughly beforehand and work out questions that you would like answered?


5. Is the appraisal scheme linked to pay?


6. Is the intention to tackle problems honestly?


7. Do you understand how the evaluation criteria apply to your work?


8. Are you relaxed as possible, even if you have not achieved past objectives?


9. Are you unable to maintain a positive attitude, especially in terms of future personal development?


10. Do you know what is required of you at the appraisal?


11. Are you able to discuss priorities?


12. Are you ready to receive feedback on your performance?


13. Are you ready to be heard and respected?


14. Are you willing to accept constructive guidance on attaining agreed goals?


15. Are you willing to accept ownership of your performance?


16. Do you understand how your work relates to organisational objectives?


The more "yes" answers means that both parties are "more ready" for appraisal


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