Change Implementation Techniques for Forming Transitional Team, Creating Alignment, Maximizing Connectedness and Creativity

Technique 5.7 Rate Your Decision-making Effectiveness

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How does your organisation's decision-making ability stack-up? Complete each statement by selecting the most accurate option; each response is given a score.

1. Quality (whether most decisions proved to be right)

Statement - When looking back on critical decisions, we find that we chose the right course of action......

Possible responses:

Most of the time (score 4)

Some of the time (score 3)

Infrequently (score 2)

Never (score 1)

Total score (Q).......

2. Speed (whether decisions were made fast or slower than competitors)

Statement - We made critical decisions.......

Possible responses:

Much faster than our competitors (score 4)

Somewhat faster than our competitors (score 3)

Somewhat slower than our competitors (score 2)

Total score (S)......

3. Yield (how well decisions were translated into action)

Statement - We execute critical decisions as intended......

Possible responses:

Most of the time (score 4)

Some of the time (score 3)

Infrequently (score 2)

Never (score 1)

Total score (Y)......

4. Effort (time, trouble and expense required for each key decision)

Statement - In making and executing critical decisions.......

Possible responses:

We put in exactly the right amount of effort (score 4)

We put in somewhat too much/too little effort (score 3)

We put in way too much/nowhere near enough effort (score 2)

We are off the charts (score 1)

Total score (E)......

Tally your overall score by multiplying your scores for Quality (Q), Speed (S) and Yield (Y); then divide Effort (E) by 4 and multiply this answer to the score of Q x S x Y , ie

Total score (Q x S x Y x (E/4))...........

If your total score is

i) Greater than 25, you are doing well

ii) 21 to 25 - OK but room for improvements

iii) 16 to 20 - much room for improvements

iv) Less than 16 - major improvement needed

(source: Marcia W Blenko et al, 2010)


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