Change Implementation Techniques for Forming Transitional Team, Creating Alignment, Maximizing Connectedness and Creativity

Technique 5.3 Responsibility Grid

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This technique examines each accountability that is presently held by employees, and clarifies what is involved in its execution. It enables managers to know who, among all those involved in carrying out a specific accountability, is responsible for what

It indicates a time-frame and clarifies a little of the self-management that is in place at any given time

The grid is useful whenever there is confusion about who does what in or around the team because it identifies the person actually responsible

The grid

List the relevant accountabilities that are specific and related to the team

Review the list of accountabilities to make sure it is comprehensive and accurate

Draw up a list of people who fill a role that has an important impact on the situation, such as team members, team leaders, team manager, plant manager, technical specialists, etc

Make sure everyone understands the level of accountability, ie

R = is responsible for doing

S = supports others in doing

I = is kept informed

V = has power of veto

Check that all involved reach agreement as to who has responsibility for each of the accountabilities

Record this information on the responsibility grid (see below)

Identify any accountabilities that will change over time (use a different colour to show these on the grid)

Responsibility Grid*i

Decision / Position

Team members
Team leader
Team manager
Plant manager
Production planning
Allocation of work to teams
Appoint team leaders
Decide plant layout
Develop new design, products, etc
Major equipment acquisition
Make discipline decisions
Make training decisions
Make firing decisions
Make hiring decisions
Liaise with external customers


i) R = responsibility V = right of veto S = support (required from) I = kept informed

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