Change Implementation Techniques for Forming Transitional Team, Creating Alignment, Maximizing Connectedness and Creativity

Technique 3.11 Empowerment Assessment

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(Questionnaire for teams to evaluate themselves)

Respond to the following statements by using the most applicable of the 4 comments:

1 = the statement is very true

2 = the statement is somewhat true

3 = the statement is somewhat untrue

4 = the statement is very untrue



(1, 2, 3 & )*i

Clarity of purpose

i) People know where they stand

ii) I know what is expected of me

iii) Tasks & responsibilities are clearly organised

iv) Systems & procedures are adequate

v) I know what the organisation (team) stands for


i) People are trusted

ii) Policies are flexible enough to consider personal needs

iii) I feel respected as a person

iv) Individual differences in lifestyle & values are respected

v) I like working here

vi) There is a positive spirit

vii) If I had a personal problem, the organisation (team) would stand by me while I worked it out


i) I approve of the things that go on here

ii) People are treated fairly

iii) I trust what the organisation (team) says


i) Individual efforts are rewarded appropriately

ii) If people do something well, it is acknowledged

iii) The organisation (team) looks at what you can do, not who you know

iv) The organisation (team) expects the best from people


i) People help each other out

ii) People work together to solve difficult problems

iii) People care for each other

iv) People here are out for the organisation (group), not themselves


i) People have a voice in decisions

ii) Problems are shared

iii) People get the resources they need to do their job


i) I am kept informed of what's going on in the organisation

ii) Communication is clear & timely between groups

iii) I understand why things are asked of me

Healthy environment

i) People are able to manage the pressure of their work

ii) I am not expected to do too many things

iii) Change is well-managed

iv) Red tape & procedures don't interfere with getting things done

v) I am able to grow & learn

vi) There are opportunities for career development


i) Average the scores by dividing the total of all the number values inserted by the number of questions in that section. If the average is greater than 2, the topic needs addressing. If a team or group does this exercise, and there is a wide spread of answers, then the issues need to be "unpacked"

(source: Cynthia Scott et al, 1991)

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