Change Implementation Techniques for Forming Transitional Team, Creating Alignment, Maximizing Connectedness and Creativity

Technique 3.4 Are Teams the Right Approach?

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When considering whether to assemble and manage a team, consider the task that needs to be assigned and whether the following statements apply by answering 'yes' or 'no'





1. The task is unlikely to be accomplished by working as individuals

2. The task can only be addressed by forming a new group, especially for this purpose

3. The task requires collective input from highly specialized individuals

4. The task needs collective input and agreements from more than 5 people

5. The members of the team working on the task are in more than 2 locations

6.The success of the task is highly dependent on understanding preferences or needs of individuals outside the group

7.The outcome of the task will be influenced by events that are highly uncertain and difficult to predict

8. The task must be completed under extreme time pressure

If more than 2 of the statements have 'yes' responses, then teams are required.

(source: Lynda Gratton et al, 2007)

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