Change Implementation Techniques for Creating a Sense of Urgency

Technique 2.68 Four Information Gaps

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The 4 information gaps that are linked with forecasting to help identify a sense of urgency:

. Economic, ie analysing trends over time, relying heavily on past performance

. Marketing, ie analysing past and current trends as perceptions of market interest

. Innovation ‐ some questions help explain this:

- Where is the market in exploring, learning and embracing new technologies?

- Where is the path of trend obsolescence?

- Where is the company in the circle of innovation?

. Change, ie attempt to determine when, where and how change will be introduced and the impact not only on the market but also on the organisations responding to and with the market.

Information Gaps

. The 4 information gaps are shown in the following diagram with the first 2 appearing during economic, marketing and change forecasting

. Gap 1

"...the first major gap analysis considers whether or not the community of industries, government agencies, alliances, companies and markets are prepared to deal with or direct change..."

Nell Arnold, 2003

. Gap 2 is in knowledge and whether the organisations are aligned with a progressing or obsolete community of players. In some cases the organisations may be in advance of the community of players but without power of influence as leader of innovation. Organisations need to be included in the interactive communications, learning and innovation systems between players perceived to be in control of the demand and supply chains in information, technology, materials, products and services

. Gap 3 is whether or not motivation can be maintained as it takes time for original ideas to become commercialized.

"...Is the leadership of the organisation motivated and able to put the creative energies into new practice to meet and to make change with the market?..."

Nell Arnold, 2003

. Gap 4 is linked with leadership and the following questions

- Does leadership at the top and throughout the change management encourage an environment for creativity, especially with staff interacting with the market?

- Does leadership restrict creativity to specific brainstorming sessions, management retreats, workshops, etc rather than encourage a mindset of continuous input into creativity every day

. Gap 5 revolves around market information on the horizon

"...the voiceless and faceless people in the global market hold the power of mass, revolution, market demand for inclusion in the dialogue. Their demand holds power..."

Nell Arnold, 2003

Remember: sources of power that drive change and fight obsolescence include

i) influence of nature, advances in technology, political-legal policies, shifting demographics and evolving social and cultural patterns

ii) dimensions and dynamics of these changes on communities, their industries, organisations, investment, governments and markets

iii) capabilities of companies to access and adapt technologies to attract, retain and maintain and markets

iv) mind and motivation mapping around emotional intelligence, learning and knowledge creation (this is linked with the human desire to be original)

In summary,

" the contemporary language the forecasting dialogue is all about vision, macro marketing, micro mapping, emotional intelligence, and determining how to bridge gaps in the path between vision and realization (implementation) of singular or collective aspirations. Challenges in contemporary forecasting may lie in the four or five areas of information gaps. Even as the path of change is continuous, so must be the path of learning to ensure motivation within the community, company, industry and market to keep pace with changes and with the approach of new opportunities..."

Nell Arnold, 2003

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