Change Implementation Techniques for Creating a Sense of Urgency

Technique 2.36 Life-cycle Approach

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(Life history of an organisation or product ‐ see Volume 1)

organisational development change management

Example of life-cycle approach is organisational size, industry life-cycle and stage of strategic management

organisational development change management

Some questions around S-curve to help identify a sense of urgency

Where is our organization in this life-cycle model?

What stages have you already been through and how were those handled?

What stages lie ahead of you and what are you doing to prepare yourselves for what lies ahead?

How good is your organization's "fit" with its environment?

How "fit" are your organization's capabilities for the stage you are in and the stage you face?

How are you going to re-invent the organisation and its products/services?

(source: Graham Hubbard et al, 1996)

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