Change Implementation Techniques for Creating a Sense of Urgency

Technique 2.33 Looking at Your Services & Products

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Answering the following questions should help identify the appropriate sense of urgency

1. "De-average" buyers and users

- Describe which customers use or purchase your services and products in the most unusual way?

- Describe why some customers need significantly less sales and service attention than most?

- Describe why some customers' support costs (cost entry, tracking, customer-specific design, etc) are either unusually high or unusually low?

- Describe how you could still meet the needs of a significant subset of customers, if you stripped 25% of the costs (hard and soft) from your service or product?

2. Explore unexpected successes

- Describe how some customers use your services or products in a never expected or intended way?

- Describe how some customers use your services or products in surprisingly large quantities?

3. Examine binding constraints

- Describe the biggest hassle for purchasing or using your service or product?

- Describe some examples of ad hoc modifications that customers have made to your service or product?

- Describe customers for whom services or products are now least suited?

- Describe what particular occasions your service and products at least suited?

- Describe which customers the industry prefers not to serve?

- Describe which customers are potential major users, if one specific barrier was removed?

4. Imagine perfection

- How would you do things differently if you had perfect information about buyers, usage, distribution channels, etc?

- Describe what service or product changes would occur to satisfy all customers?

5. Look beyond the boundaries of your business

- Describe how others are dealing with the similar problems you have, especially if they are doing it in a different way?

- Describe any major breakthroughs in efficiency or effectiveness that you have made in your business that is applicable to another industry?

- Describe any information about customers, service or product usage that is created as a by-product of your business that could help radically improve another business?

6. Revisit the concepts that underlies the way you conduct your business

- Describe what technologies embedded in your services or products that have changed most since the product was last redesigned?

- Describe what technologies have most have changed the way you conduct your business, such as manufacturing processes, marketing (includes selling) and distribution systems?

- Describe which customers' needs are shifting most rapidly? What will they look like in 5 years?

(source: Keith P Coyne et al, 2007)

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