Change Implementation Techniques for Creating a Sense of Urgency

Technique 2.32 Reviewing Strategic Dimensions

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Organisations need to be clear about their goals (what they want) and boundaries (what they don't want). Organisations should set goals and boundaries for a wide range of strategic factors; the following questions will help identify strategic factors that need attention

Q1. a) What customer group can your organisation target?

b) Is your organisation consumer-focused?

c) If your organisation is business-focussed, can it consider targeting customers?

Q2. a) Which distribution channels can your organisation use?

b) If your organisation is relying on a retail channel, can it consider going direct?

c) If your organisations is using mass channels, can it consider using niche channels?

Q3. a) What is a steady state?

b) At what level of revenue does a product/service reach a steady state?

c) What kinds of margins are required to maintain a steady state?

d) Is this different from the current margins received, ie below or same or above?

Q4. Can the organisation switch from selling products to services or from selling services to products?

Q5. a) What geographical area is the target, ie local, regional, state, national, global, etc?

b) Does your organisation need to change its geographical target?

Q6. a) What brands do you promote and market?

b) are you considering new brands?

Q7. a) Is your organisation considering new revenue streams?

b) If yes, which ones?

c) If no, why not?

Q8. a) Which suppliers and partners is your organisation currently using and why are you using them?

b) Are there other suppliers and partners that your organisational can use?

c) What can activities, processes, etc can your organisation outsource?

d) What activities, processes, etc which are currently outsourced can be done from within your organisation?

Q9. What criteria, strategies, tactics, etc does your organisation consider when investigating acquisitions, partnerships, joint ventures, alliances, etc?

Q10. Can your organisation consider test markets with preliminary prototypes that are not perfect?

NB Other dimensions may be relevant to particular industries. For example, pharmaceutical industries may want to incorporate perspectives on medical efficacy claims; chemical companies may need to consider environmental impact; media organisations may want to consider advertising reach.

(source: Scott D Anthony et al, 2008)

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