Change Implementation Techniques for Creating a Sense of Urgency

Technique 2.20 Possible Strategies for Being More Valuable to Clients

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Answer the following questions to identify possible strategies to differentiate your organisation from your competition and promote a sense of urgency

1. How can we develop an innovative approach to hiring so that we can be more valuable to clients by acquiring a higher calibre of staff than the competition?

2. How can we train our people better than the competition in a variety of technical and "counselling" skills (such as customer relationship building) so that they will be more valuable in the marketplace than their counterparts at other firms?

3. How can we develop innovative methodologies for handling our activities (or engagements, transactions or projects) so that our delivery of services becomes more thorough or efficient?

4. How can we develop systematic ways of helping, encouraging and, above all, ensuring that our people are skilled at client counselling or customer relationship building in addition to being top technicians?

5. How can we become better than our competition at accumulating, disseminating, and building on our firm-wide expertise and experience, so that each professional becomes more valuable in the marketplace by being empowered with a greater breadth and depth of experience?

6. How can we organise and specialize our people in innovative ways, so that they become particularly skilled and valuable to the market because of their focus on a particular market segment's needs?

7. How can we become more valuable to our clients by being more systematic and diligent about listening to the market (collecting, analysing, and absorbing the details of their business) than our competition?

8. How can we become more valuable to our clients by investing in research and development on issues of particular interest to them?

(source: David Maister, 2003)

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