Change Implementation Techniques for Creating a Sense of Urgency

Technique 2.17 Some Strategy Questions

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To help identify a sense of urgency, the questions are framed to make you think more about working "on" your business rather than just "in" your business.


1 a What vision, purpose and values are currently embodied in your organisation?

b Are you moving decisively toward realizing that vision?

c If not, what would move you in that direction?

2 a What is the most dramatic trend which affects your industry?

b Are you part of the trend?

c If not, should you be part of the trend?

3 a What are the 3 major changes shaping your industry over the next 5 to 10 years?

b In what ways are you positioning your organisation to participate in these changes?

4 a What are the most glaring weaknesses of your organisation?

B How are you going to redress them?

5 a What are the key needs of your major stakeholders (customers, employees, shareholders, etc)?

b How are these needs being served?

6 a What is happening to other industries that could be adapted to your business and your product/service?

7 a What business are you really in?

b Should you focus only on this business?

c Can you create additional value focused on this business only?

8 a If you could do absolutely anything in your industry, what would it be?

b Are you doing that now? If not, why not?

9 If you were starting from scratch, what would you do first?

10 What is your vision of the next 5 years?

11 a What is the gap between your 5-year vision for the organisation and where you are now?

b What can be done to close the gap?

12 a What, specifically, would make your company "better" than it is now (more profitable, greater revenues, improved product/services, more value to the customer, employer of choice, etc)

b What would make your product/service 10% better than anything in your market?

13 a What actions could you take today which would double your profits in 24 months?

b How about in 12 months?

c What is stopping you from taking actions, now?

d What is the best way for you to take these actions, now?

14 a What are the 3 things you would really like to do which would make a significant difference to your organisation?

b What is stopping you and why?

15 a What is the most important thing you have to offer your customers?

b Why is it so important to you?

c Why is it so important to your customers?

16 a What are the most important reasons people buy your product/service? Rank the reasons in order of importance with 1 as the most important?

b How can you improve their ranking?

17 Why would you like people to buy your product/service?

18 a In your wildest fantasies, what do you want people to be able to say about your organisation and product/service?

b What is necessary for people to be able to say that?

19 a What do you think is missing from your product/service?

b What would make your product/service really amazing?

20 a What are your competitors doing that "blows your mind"?

b What are your competitors doing that "blows your customers' minds?

c What should your competitors be doing that would "blow your mind"?

d What should you be doing about that?

21 a What product/service have your customers asked for but nobody is currently supplying?

b What are you going to offer and/or do to handle this situation?

(source: Gary Delbridge, 2004)


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