Change Implementation Techniques for Creating a Sense of Urgency

Technique 2.15 Internally Driven, Externally Aware

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"...great companies are internally driven, externally aware..."

Jim Collins, 2005


To understand this, answer these simple but profound questions

1 What is really driving the organisation internally?

2 a) What is the truth about the outside world?

b) What is the truth about how it operates and how it is changing?

3 When you intersect our internal drive with external reality, what's the truth about what we can distinctly contribute potentially better than anyone else in the world?

A case study of this was Boeing's decision to build the 707 aircraft

What are the factors?

Firstly, an organisational ethos that is stressing doing big and adventurous things; secondly, the inspiration to make Boeing even greater than it was. These are internal drivers and they have nothing to do with adapting to the outside world!

What is the truth about the outside world and how is it changing?

World War II was over with a resultant reduced demand for military aircraft relative to the demand for commercial aircraft. Furthermore, there was a major change in technology, ie from propellers to jet.

What could Boeing do better than anyone else in the world?

They had jet technology; they had been building big military airplanes; they had experience to build large scale jets

"...Boeing confronted the truth, internally and externally and grasped that it could make a distinctive impact by bringing the world into the jet age..."

Jim Collins, 2005

(source: Jim Collins, 2005)


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