Change Implementation Techniques for Creating a Sense of Urgency

Technique 2.1 Linkages in the Public Sector

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(Superimposing on these linkages is the media)

organisational development change management

Use the above model to respond to the following tasks/questions for public sector organisations about influence groups

1. Divide the influence groups into major and minor impact on the public sector organisation

2. Why do the major influence groups affect the public sector organisation, ie legal obligation, lobby group (on behalf of whom)?

2. Desires of key individuals in the major influence group?

4. How powerful are the major influence groups, and what gives them the power?

5. What factors might affect that power in the future?

(NB Do not start debating the suitability of the framework; just use it to help answer the 5 questions)

(source: Graham Hubbard et al, 1996)

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