Change Implementation Techniques for Laying a Foundation for New Ways

Technique 1.73 General Questions around Change

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In every change the following questions will help people understand it

Q1. What changes have you embraced in your life? List at least 6

Q2. What changes have you resisted in your life? List at least 6

Q3. In your own words, what distinguishes the changes on these 2 lists from each other?

Q4. In more detail, why did you choose to embrace the changes in the first list?

Q5. In more detail, why did you choose to resist the changes in the second list?

Q6. Sometimes you consider the act of learning something new a threat, and other times view it as a welcome challenge. To what do you attribute the difference?

Q7. When you resist change, are you considered a nuisance or bad person?

Q8. When other people resist a change you are trying to implement, do you consider them a nuisance or bad person?

(source: Peter de Jager, 2010)

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