Change Implementation Techniques for Laying a Foundation for New Ways

Technique 1.68 Statements/Activities That Reveal Resistance (Version 1)

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Some statements/activities that people often used which will indicate that resistance is present; indicate if present in the organisation




Statements that reveal resistance

Change is not needed

Status quo was working fine

Proposed change does more harm than good

Lack of respect for the person responsible for the change

Objectionable way of implementing the change

Negative attitudes towards the organisation before the change

No opportunity to have inputs into change

Change simply adds more work and confusion

Change requires more effort than to keep status quo

Bad timing of the change

A desire to challenge authority

Hearing about change second‐hand

Lack of confidence and/or trust in change and/or project

Concern about cost overruns

Fear of change

Concern about outside influences

Fear of redundancies

Much absenteeism

Staff regularly late to work and work‐related activities like meetings, etc

Failure to meet deadlines by staff

Staff do not actively participate in meetings, discussions, etc

Much gossip, etc with incomplete, incorrect information

Uncontactable, eg switched mobile phones off, etc

The greater the number of "yes" answers, the more resistance to the change is present

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