Change Implementation Techniques for Laying a Foundation for New Ways

Technique 1.37 Process Enneagram

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This provides a framework to develop the right conversations around key aspects of an organisation

It uses 9 concepts to map a conversation.

The 3 most important concepts are

i) identity (current state)

ii) relationships (connections)

iii) information (will).

. This is followed by 6 others, such as,

i) intention

ii) tensions (issues)

iii) principles (standards)

iv) work

v) deep learning (sustainability)

vi) context (structures and strategies)

One way to use this technique is the fish bowl method. An inner group discusses a particular topic with an outer group evaluating the conversation based on the 9 concepts.

See the questions around each concept on the diagram over the page that can be used to help evaluate the conversation

Simple Enneagram

organisational development change management

organisational development change management

(sources: Tim Dalmau et al, 2002, Tim Dalmau, 2002; Tim Dalmau et al, 2001)

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