Change Implementation Techniques for Laying a Foundation for New Ways

Technique 1.16 Leadership Questionnaire

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(you and your organisation)


Q1. Assess your skills in reading social situations, ie how good are you in picking up behavioural cues/body language or signals, etc in different contexts, such as upwards, downwards, sideways in the hierarchy, with customers, with competitors, etc?

Q2. How well do you know the goals, values and motives of the people who have the greatest impact on your performance? Who do you need to know more about?

Q3. What are your personal differences which may form the basis of leadership capability?

Q4. What weaknesses can be disclosed to those you are leading?

Q5. What is your vision for the organisation you are leading?

Q5. What are your most important values about work?

Q6. How do you communicate these elements, and in what context:

your vision

your differences

your values?

Your organisation

(Consider the extent to which your organisation either fosters or inhibits the exercise of leadership. Furthermore, these questions will help you focus on the cultural context in which leadership is practised)

Q1. Does your organisation encourage individuals at all levels to develop and exercise their leadership skills? If not, why not?

Q2. Are leadership development processes in the organisation customized for your particular organisational culture? What attributes are less highly valued and why?

Q2. Does your organisation identify leadership potential in a timely manner? Are your leaders exposed to rich and diverse early experiences?

Q4. How do you build your organisational capability for developing leadership?

(source: Rob Goffee, 2008)


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