Change Implementation Techniques for Laying a Foundation for New Ways

Technique1.2 Some Symptoms of a Dysfunctional Organisation

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Are any of these statements correct? Answer "true" or "false" to the statements below

Statements about your Organisation




1. Over‐attributing of the organisation's problems to people with challenging behaviours

2. Development of organisational plans, policies and procedures without the input from people who will be implementing, or be most directly affected by them

3. Resignation of high‐quality performer and creative thinkers

4. "Us" versus "them" talk

5. Complaining after a meeting is over

6. Expensive training programs aimed to fix staff performance

7. In meetings no one asks questions and/or no problems are solved

8. Recurrent absenteeism and tardiness problems

9. "Couldn't care less" approach to work

10. Stressful work conditions or relationships

11. Lawsuits against the organisation

12. Widespread dissatisfaction with promotions, assignments, terminations; labour unrest

13. Threatening behaviour by supervisors, managers and other staff

14. Lack of suggestions for improvement

15. Issues, such as race and gender, are not openly discussed; if they are discussed, no real change in hiring, promotions, etc takes place

16. Many layers of approval for simple transactions

17. Loss of customers who complain about poor service

18. Resistance to performance appraisals

19. People feeling that they get no feedback

20. An overly large number of personal policies; an enforcement approach to rules: arguments about the rules

21. Instances of unethical behaviour

22. Negative feelings about the organisation as shown by lack of pride, cynicism, etc

23. A very active rumour mill

Any "true" response indicate areas of concern

(source: David Pitonyak, 2007)

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