Change Implementation Techniques for Laying a Foundation for New Ways

Technique 1.1 What Kind of Organisations do you Work for?

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Answering the following questions will help determine how your organisation is perceived and identify areas for improvement






1. Do staff have control over their own budgets?

2. Do people choose where and with whom they work?

3. Do people choose what they do during the workday?

4. Are personal and organisational goals in alignment?

5. Is there an active "social club" at work?

6. Do staff know each other in a meaningful way?

7. Do staff members socialize together after work hours?

8. Are staff members encouraged to participate in community activities outside work hours?

9. Is staff members' privacy respected?

10. Does the organisation have a vision?

If yes, were all staff involved in developing the vision?

If yes, do all staff understand the vision?

If yes, are all organisational activities aligned with the vision?

11. Are staff actively involved in decision‐making?

12. Do staff have access to information they need to do the job?

13. Are supervisors, managers, etc consultative?

14. Do supervisors, managers, etc treat staff in a valued way?

15. Are staff involved in the evaluation their supervisors & managers?

16. Are the policies & procedures of the organisations staff‐ friendly?

17. Does your organisation strive for excellence?

18. Is your organisation customer‐focussed?

19. Is there unnecessary paperwork, report writing, etc?

20. Do staff have opportunities to improve skills, expertise, etc?

21. Do you enjoy coming to work?

22. Are you proud of your organisation?

The more no/negative answers the more dysfunctional the organisation is

(source: David Pitonyak, 2007)

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