General Comments & Summary

This section summarises some of the key concepts discussed under the 7 ingredient framework 

i) Most Important Change Initiatives

ii) Change is Continuous

iii) Interesting Quotes

iv) Golden Rules Of Change Management

v) Change Is Situational & Contextual

vi) Change Challenges Status Quo

vii) Impact Of Outsiders

viii) What Matters To Customers

ix) Observations From Sporting World

x) Waleed Aly's Thoughts On Success

xi) Burn-Out & Stress

Signs of a person experiencing burn-out

Ways to prevent burnout

x) Getting Balance Right In Your Life

Some more comments on balance

Looking after yourself

4 essential, complementary dimensions

xi) Make The Change Process Fun

xii) Concentrate On The Strengths Of The Organisation

xiii) Other Constructive Actions

xiv) How To Be Successful

John Buchanan

Bobbi Brown

500 successful people

Don't give up too early

Iceberg illusion

Some Basics to Remember about Organisational Transition

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